Somebody Get This Guy a Therapist

If there were another actor in the Western world right now whose “resting face” could be any more miserable-looking than Ben Affleck’s, I don’t know which actor it could be.

I know this is a screenshot from a movie, but go and look at him on the red carpet. Dude is in pain…

Ever since his life fell apart with the divorce from Jennifer Garner, this guy has been on a rip of performing in movies and looking for all the world on red carpets like he wants to tap out every time he’s asked a question by the entertainment media, who are guaranteed to fawn and shill over him on the regular.

Prepare for more fawning and shilling with his latest work just announced.

From the trades:

Ben Affleck will direct and produce the historical drama King Leopold’s Ghost, set in the early 20th Century in the Congo. …inspired by Adam Hochschild’s best-selling book about Leopold II of Belgium’s plunder in the Congo and the Congolese who defied him and fought back. The struggle sparked an unlikely alliance between a black American missionary, an English investigative journalist and an Irish spy, resulting in one of the first human rights movements in history.

Great. More lecturing and hectoring of me about “social justice” and “human rights” through entertainment by my “betters.”

At Least The Production Company Will Reign Him In?

Nope. No, they won’t.

I will say this for Belafonte: He’s wrong almost every time he speaks, but at least he’s CONSISTENTLY wrong.

The writer on this is Farhad Safinia (Apocalypto and Boss) and the production company behind Affleck is headed by Harry and Gina Belafonte — who have both been running around screaming about “social justice” since at least the 1960s — and Scott Budnik who produced Just Mercy, Michael B. Jordan and Captain Sourpuss’s current Oscar bait vehicle.

From the trades as well:

[Affleck]’s also a co-founder of the Eastern Congo Initiative, which was launched in 2010 an advocacy and grant-making initiative for the people of eastern Congo.



Hey, Ben, here’s an idea: How about you turn over all that back-end cash you got from Justice League, The Town and Argo and the other films you got paid for, reduce your lifestyle to what the average American’s is — around $50,000 per year depending upon locale — and then you can lecture to me about the people in the Congo overcoming some mythical current day “colonialism.”

Hold onto Your Wallet… and Your Mind…

Anytime you read that a production company that should be focused on revenues, is instead focused on creating content that encourages:

Nary a white man to be seen in this photo of people harvesting their natural resources for profit.

One Community, headed by Scott Budnick, is a film, television, and new media company that emphasizes the power of commercial storytelling to enable positive global social change.

Yeah, hold onto your wallets, Goblins. You’re about to be lectured to.

King Leopold’s Ghost will go down as a film that could have been a cool concept — Joseph Conrad with pith helmets — but will instead be more like Blood Diamond jacked up to 25.

But, I’m probably wrong, right? It’ll be good.

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