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Another take on this weekend’s box office results and a look at the Golden Globes Awards.

This past weekend, Aquaman surpassed all other DC Extended Universe released thus far globally.

Box Office Mojo reports that the film should retain its number one status for at least one more weekend which will be another first for the DCEU.

At this point, Aquaman is now eyeing The Dark Knight Rises ($1.084 billion) and The Dark Knight ($1 billion) as the leading DC film of all time for worldwide receipts.

Aquaman has yet to be released in Japan, it will swim to its shores on February 8.

“Something, Something, Trident

There is an upcoming Film Goblin article about the success of Aquaman and why it has crushed the other DCEU films. My opinion on it may be similar, but I will not be going into the hard numbers with this article.

My take on what happened to Aquaman is that before the movie started production, WB demoted Zack Snyder from the head of the DCEU. Jon Berg and Geoff Johns came in to help salvage Justice League and then start on Aquaman.

Although they took the fall for Justice League and were removed as the heads of the DCEU, they were able to steer Aquaman in a different direction. Snyder would have not had his hand on this production as he did with the other DCEU films.

Instead of a dark and brooding Aquaman, we got Aquadude and I really think it was what the audience wanted at the time. A big dumb colorful action picture that you could take your family to.

A lot of folks from Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle are producing Shazam! so we may see similar success for that film as well. If so, we should expect to see a drastic change in future DCEU films.

Other Notables

Mortal Engines had to call AAA for a tow after a disappointing 23 days. It earned $15.5 million at the domestic box office and $53.7 million internationally. The production budget is reported at $100 million, so unless it gains a large following via streaming and disc sales, Universal will never earn the money back.

Sony’s Escape Room did better than expected, earning $18 million this past weekend. Since this movie only cost $9 million to produce, expect Sony to push this as the next Saw franchise.

With the Oscars approaching, we are now seeing Oscar bait films getting wider releases now. Vice, Mary Queen Of Scots, If Beale Street Could Talk, and On The Basis Of Sex as examples.

Next weekend will be another quiet one due to the Oscar push, but the following weekend will shake things up with the release of Glass.

Golden Globes and Bohemian Rhapsody Fallout

Reading the reactions to last nights Golden Globe Awards show last night was interesting. A lot of folks were not too happy that A Star Is Born lost out to Bohemian Rhapsody in the Best Drama category.

Apparently, Bohemian Rhapsody is:

“…a terrible and homophobic film. It deserved NO wins and THIS is why no one gives any credence to the Golden Globes”

And this gem:

“…some social victory it is in giving the Best Picture Drama to a film that shames a gay man for being who he is, says that his downfall was a result of that, argues that he needed to grovel back to his straight bandmates for redemption and that, in the end, he ultimately got what he deserved by dying of AIDS. That is vile.”

Oh well, there’s always the Oscars

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