Mission Reloaded

The as-yet-untitled 25th James Bond adventure has started filming in Jamaica this past week.  As is usual, a circus surrounds a 007 movie wherever it goes.  The global reach of the franchise means audiences worldwide are hungry for information and as a result its hard to keep a tight lid on things, especially on location in somewhere like Jamaica.

So as you would expect there are a number of candid images making their way online of the shooting of this Jamaica sequence.


Retirement Interrupted

Last seen at the end of Spectre, disappearing into the sunset with Madeline Swann, the daughter of his ex-nemesis and Quantum chief, Mr. White, it is said this movie picks up from there.  

Agent 007 is enjoying the quiet life in Jamaica when his old friend, Felix Leiter of the CIA seeks him out to ask for help.  Last time Leiter was in Jamaica it didn’t end well for him, in the novel Love And Let Die.  His fate in that book was adapted in Timothy Dalton’s second outing as James Bond, Licence To Kill.  

Let’s hope his trip this time has a happier outcome, but looking at these pictures we won’t hold our breath.  

Getting a nice Dr. No and Thunderball vibe from these pictures.  What do you think?