With An Extra Helping Of Stunning

A few days ago, The Hollywood Reporter published a story on Film Goblin favorite Lena Dunham’s upcoming collaboration with Vogue magazine. 

New chapters for the actress’ Verified Strangers novel will be published Monday through Friday on the fashion magazine’s website as a means of entertaining those who are staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Verified Strangers.” She wrote a book about Blue Checks making flowers?

Twitter, yes!

She’s an actress. OK, I guess she’s an actress.

So what’s this all about?

Having “always been fascinated by serialized publishing,” Dunham shared that she has been a longtime fan of the “hundreds of battered babysitters club novels” and “learning about how #CharlesDickens released his greatest novels as serialized chapters in penny newspapers.” 

Of course, the dummy name drops the only writer who comes to mind when talking about serializing. You would think an author would know some other people who have published like this, then again she hashtagged Charles Dickens.

She continues:

“A #romance novel is the pulpiest and most distracting fun you can have and a medium I’ve long wanted to work in (probably since I stole Forever by @judyblume out of my babysitter’s backpack; It’s not @daniellesteel , but it was the sexiest thing I’d ever read,” she wrote. 

We’ve got no problem with Lena doing this, we encourage any act of genuine, passion-driven creativity. 

But we do have a problem with the photo The Hollywood Reporter used for Ms. Dunham:


Man, she’s kind of cute in a melancholy sort of way. Yeah, she’s seen a few too many dicks, maybe had a couple of stretches of substance abuse, but I’d give her a tumble.

Unfortunately, this picture is eight years old.

This is Lena now:

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Not enough for you?

Have some more, Lena certainly has.

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Would Not

We’re worried about you, girl. Call us.