Cat Lady Heaven (Venus?)

The early reviews of Captain Marvel plastered across social media the past 48 hours have been a great source of bemusement. I was assigned to take names and report back of some of the ones that caught my eye.

Unsurprisingly, the reviews and tweets are exactly what you’re expecting:

“It’s fun and funny!”

“It’s a blast!”

“A crazy 90’s nostalgia blast that’s not what you’d expect!”

“TOTALLY unlike any other Marvel movie!”

Let’s Get Stuck Right Into Those Names 

Kayti Burt (Den Of Geek)

Kayti does her bidding at Den of Geek, you might not remember the article she put together when the shill machine was in overdrive gushing about The Last Jedi.

Linked above, but here’s a screencap:

Ooft… you sound reasonable and nice.

Yolanda Machado (LA Times)

Yolanda is an old skool, un-biased newshound who offers an impartial voice, well not really…  My mistake.

John Webb (The Marvel Report)

This blue check dude genuinely seemed to like it:

But then clearly can’t help himself:

Sabina Graves (

Sabina successfully managed to garner one like when she tried to get #ReyDay trending on Twitter back during the TLJ shill campaign:

Scott Menzel (We Live Entertainment)

Tell us more, Scott:

Go on, one more:

Angelique Jackson (Entertainment Tonight)

Meet Angelique…

Jacki Jing (IGN)

Jacki earned her Mickey Mouse journalism badge by shilling for Disney during the Solo fiasco: 

Devan Coggan (Entertainment Weekly)

I’m guessing Devan Coggan doesn’t have daughters, if she did she’d realize how out there this statement really is: 

But if you post tweets like your Last Jedi one below, those generations of little girls you mention might think you’re a little unhinged: 

And, finally…

Ben Mekler (Between jobs, by the look of things!)


Psst… Ben!


And now the circle is complete…