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Openly Christian actor Chris Pratt has decided to take his country and the world-at-large’s problems into his own hands.

He’s starting a faith-based production company. Which I’ll let him try and describe to you via this Instagram announcement:


I hope this brings you all the comfort and security you deserve.

Wait… Chris Pratt Chris Pratt is Churchy?

Yes, yes he is. Pratt came to see the light way back when as a wayward youth and in his pre-Hollywood-dork-hunk phase. 

He was drinking, drugging, partying and fornicating until a benevolent servant of the Jesus said he had been compelled by the very same Jesus to speak to him.

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Only he knows what a bowling ball and Chris Pratt have in common.

Trust In Strangers?

And so it went and Chris went to church with him and over the following couple days decided to change his life.

Chris slowly clawed his way up the Hollywood food chain and raised his profile to the point he was soon successfully opening blockbusters.

Though I can only imagine the temptations he must have faced and the challenges they presented to his faith Chris had his belief tested then solidified with the birth of his first child.

In 2012, his then-wife Anna Faris gave birth to their son 9 weeks premature who then fell into a coma.

But as superhero stock tends to do, baby Jack recovered and “redefined” Papa Pratt’s faith in the bibical G-O-D.

This is all pretty new so nothing is on the official slate but it looks like Chris will be getting down to the Lord’s work in no time.

I like Chris and don’t really care what his politics are but do appreciate he has kept them separate from his work up until now. It’s his prerogative to use his leverage to make the product he wants and if he can manage to combine his faith with solid storytelling then all the power to him.

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