A Blast From The Past

Joe and Anthony Russo made the announcement during yesterday’s panel at Comic-Con’s Hall H in San Diego.

The pair have acquired the rights to adapt Battle Of The Planets for the big screen. And while they will be producing the adaptation, there’s every chance that they might also direct it.

The cult toon from the 70s is an Americanised version of the Japanese anime Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Battle Of The Planets focuses on elite squadron G-Force which is tasked with protecting Earth from the planet Spectra as well as other extraterrestrial threats.

The five people in the squad often fight against the villainous Zoltar who is the commander of Spectra’s forces.

It combined superhero elements with action-adventure as well as sci-fi. But this was also one of the Anime shows that suffered from heavy edits in order to tone down the violence and language and also to remove certain elements such as the transgender Zoltar.

The Russo’s didn’t mention anything about Secret Wars.