The Saying Goes “Hindsight is 20/20”

However, in this case, most of us will agree that Kathleen Kennedy and her coven once again backed the wrong Fathier Beast.

Faither Beasts: another bad call in a lifetime’s worth of bad calls KK made in the last eight years.

Last week, we reported on Colin Trevorrow’s unproduced Star Wars Episode 9 script Duel Of The Fates, and from hijacked Star Destroyers to Chewie flying an X-Wing it was filled with fresh ideas.

At least fresher ideas than we’ve seen in any of Disney’s Star Wars to this point.

Today, we’re here to demonstrate that the tragedy of Director Colin The Fired is even more monumental.

Check Out Something Called “Ideas”

A few garbage-chute tier websites are reporting this as concept art from The Rise Of Skywalker.

Clearly, some of these images are scans from a book and that book is likely to be a Japanese release of The Art Of The Rise Of Skywalker

But we know better, don’t we?

Just look at the originality on display here and ask yourself if any of this could have possibly come from the mind behind Batman v. Superman or the vision that gave us Star Trek Into Hackness.

What’s much more likely is that Lucasfilm took the art from both pre-productions and rolled them into the Skywalker book.

Still, it is possible that some of this art made it into Abrams’ movie.

I’d never know because I wouldn’t watch the motherfucker.


Vader’s ashes become self-aware.
The Sith vampire lord Tor Valum is directly from the Duel Of The Fates script.
His final form is revealed.
I don’t know about you but I really like this design.
I’m not sure how “Star Wars” it is but it’s definitely new to the world.
Kind of has a Dune feel to it, yeah?
The Jedi Temple under First Order occupation is from Trevorrow’s script.
These Super Star Destroyers could really be from The Last Jedi
An early concept of Tor Valum. Very First Age of Middle Earth.
Sith wolves? Sure, why not?
I heard Chewbacca gets captured in TROS but have not heard of an interrogation.
Imagine the Reylogasms. Still, this is a transportive concept. What could have been?

There you have it. As late as this morning, there was a lot more artwork available on Twitter but the accounts related to it are being removed.

The more I see and hear about the Duel Of The Fates the more I believe that it was going to be a Kylo’s The Empire Strikes Back, just swapping out Tor Valum for Yoda, the Chewie interrogation for Han’s, Sith wolves for Wampas, etc.

I would have probably gone to see that movie.

Instead, we got a whole trilogy that was essentially Star Wars: Never Been Kissed.