Remember Red Sonja?

The “She-Devil With A Sword” who fought back-to-back with Conan The Barbarian?

The woman upon whom the goddess Scathach bestow unparalleled skill in battle on the condition that she would never lie with a man unless he defeated her in fair combat?

I really don’t see how she uses that shield with that ax…

Well, she is off the drawing board and back in production!

And This Woman is Writing and Directing

Literally has a book back there complaining about men… 😆

Jill Soloway, the creator of the award-winning Amazon show Transparent, has officially been brought on board to replace Brian Singer, while he spends a period on the bench for incompetently silencing his victims of sexual abuse.

His alleged victims of sexual abuse.

This is all just fantastic. Just amazing. A great opportunity for such a talented woman.

Speaking with Deadline, Soloway said:

“I can’t wait to bring Red Sonja’s epic world to life. Exploring this powerful mythology and evolving what it means to be a heroine is an artistic dream come true.” 

Evolving what it means to be a heroine?

I wasn’t under the impression that concepts like “hero” and “heroine” really need to be evolved. We’re all fine with the heroes and heroines how they are, thank you very much.

But if there is anyone to evolve heroism, it’s Soloway. To date, she has zero experience directing tentpole movies or even action pictures. Her entire behind-the-camera resume consists of 17 episodes of Transparent.

Before you fanboys and misogynists start wrecking this choice, remember how well Wonder Woman turned out when Warner Bros. gave Patti Jenkins her shot.

What could possibly go wrong by giving an inexperienced writer/director a huge movie?

Prepare For a Bold and Powerful New Take

You will be relieved to know that Soloway cared deeply about social causes and is incredibly active in the community. Advocate for the homeless, opiate addicts, animals?


Sure, you’re right. At a recent Young Entertainment Activists’ LGBTQ+ Panel and Workshop hosted by Netflix, she stood up and took action: 

“Hi, queer Hollywood! They asked me if I wanted to be on the panel and I said, ‘I want to run the panel’!”

Soloway’s longtime collaborator,  Andrea Sperling, will produce.

Farewell, dear lady… we won’t see your kind again.