The Merc With A Mouth To Return For Phase 5

Last weekend at Comic-Con, Marvel Studios lit up Hall H with their ambitious Phase 4 plans coupled with Kevin Feige adding that new X-Men and Fantastic Four will also be coming soon, but not a word on Deadpool.

According to LadBible, Director Rob Liefeld took to Twitter and reassured fans of the Marvel franchise that they are working on Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds.

A fan asked him if a third movie was in the works post-Disney-Fox merger. Liefeld was asked:

“Since we’re desperate and you’re our last hope for answers… do you have any news on a third Deadpool film from Marvel Studios?”

The director replied saying,

“It will totally happen! Soon!”

That said, a third film has not yet been confirmed by the studio.

Mr. Ryan Reynolds

To add some additional sauce to this news, franchise actor Reynolds has been teasing Deadpool for Phase 5 on his Instagram in a familiar cryptic style.

The star celebrated the five-year anniversary of Deadpool’s test footage being leaked, which led to the 2016 movie being made. However, he may have also cleverly teased fans with Deadpool 3 for the MCU’s Phase 5.

Check it out:

Disney CEO Bob Iger has hinted that Deadpool’s future in the MCU can still be R-rated and may actually be a part of a more mature brand which will separate it from Disney and Marvel.

With the announcement that Blade will be a part of Marvel’s Phase 5, maybe Deadpool will be a part of that.