China has re-opened 500 cinema screens as the country slowly resumes normalcy as the wave of Coronavirus gradually but surely begins to ebb.

State media CGTN reports that 486 cinemas were open for business on Friday, the number rising to 507 by Monday.

Though only representing 5% of screens and no one is really going it is an encouraging development.

Most of the films currently available are reruns of recent and popular Chinese movies but  Warner Bros. teased a possible release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone last week to help but has remained unconfirmed and unscheduled. 


Regardless of whether or not theaters will start to see a rebound the facts, as of this morning anyway, are that the Chinese economy is getting back to work.

An encouraging development to be sure as China remains a couple of weeks ahead of most everywhere else in both reaction and response to the nefarious COVID-19.

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Most governments are stepping up and not taking any shit when enacting precautions. So there are a couple of bright spots to focus on.

Here’s hoping the Chinese experience is setting the precedent for how this will all decal out.

Watch movies. Wash your hands. Safely spread the love.

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