We are about four months away from discovering if J.J. Abrams’ can save a franchise and stick a landing.  

It seems strange to be relying on Abrams, counting on him, almost praying for him.  Yet thanks to Disney and the Olympic standard fucktardation they allowed to propagate at Lucasfilm on their watch, we are where we are!

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker is coming, and there is nothing we can do but hang on and hope the franchise we love isn’t completely dead.

We have had a teaser.  A full trailer is expected to drop very soon. So now it’s the drip-drip of news, rumor, and speculation until December.  Among the news was not very exciting unveiling of a Sith Stormtrooper.  Like a normal Stormtrooper, only red!


Making Star Wars has posted a report which explores how the new troopers are tied to Emperor Palpatine, and why we haven’t seen them before.

According to the website, these new Stormtroopers are part of a secret, massive fleet hiding in the Unknown Regions.  

This is an area of the Star Wars galaxy beyond the Outer Rim.  This is an area we have already discussed as being of increasing importance to Star Wars moving forward on both the big screen and TV.  It is also an area where Palpatine has had a particular interest and this has been explored in recent tie-in novels.

The fleet is reportedly made up of Star Destroyers with planet-destroying weaponry (Quelle-fucking-surprise!) and the film has Kylo Ren planning to use a device called the Wayfinder to find those ships and unlock Palpatine’s legacy, allowing Ren to rule supreme, or maybe summon Stimpy or some other shit.

No news yet as to whether the Unknown Regions are also where other things are hiding. Such as Rey’s character development, Finn’s personality or the answer to the mystery as to why the only new character with any charisma, Poe, is given so little to do?

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker opens in cinemas in December.