Hear That Sound?

That’s the sound of Batman fans – no, make that anyone who’s heard news of this project – pounding their head after hearing that cable network Epix has ordered a ten episode live action series based on the exploits of the Dark Knight’s butler Alfred Pennyworth. Because an animated series would just be silly.

Pennyworth series Batman

if you close your eyes and listen for a bit you can detect a pattern, repeating itself, over and over and over:  •–– / •••• / –•––

Batman Pennyworth series
“A series about Batman’s butler? Sorry, did you say the Epix channel? Bloody hell, good luck with that!”

Origins You Glad…

No. Sorry. You’re not. Because according to The Hollywood Reporter, while Pennyworth is being brought to you from Gotham showrunner Bruno Heller, it will have nothing to do with that universe. Reality. Whatever. Again, from The Hollywood Reporter:

The project will revolve around Alfred Pennyworth, the best friend and butler to Bruce Wayne (aka Batman). The series is not a Gotham spinoff but rather an entirely new story exploring Alfred’s origins as a former British SAS soldier who forms a secret company and goes to work with Thomas Wayne — Bruce’s billionaire father — in 1960s London

Batman Pennyworth series Alfred
Oh for God’s sake, when I said “shine the Batpole…”

So what will the tag line be? “The Butlering”? “Enter The Butler”?

Full disclosure: before this article I’d never heard of Epix. I’m a simple Cider with simple requirements where my pop culture consumption is concerned. I just – finally – got around to watching Dunkirk on HBO. That said, I’m happy to go on record saying Pennyworth won’t be renewed for a second season.

DC fans won’t care. No one else will care. This idea is, at it’s core, no more than a deceased parrot which only appears to be standing because it’s been nailed to its network programming lineup.

Batman Pennyworth series Pennywise
We’ll all gloat down here

And that, dear readers, is that.

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