Stephen King Has Reportedly “Given His Blessing To McGregor’s Casting”

Ewan McGregor better start practicing his best “redrum.”

He’s been cast as adult Danny Torrance in Doctor Sleep. The movie is adapted from Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, which Stanley Kubrick adapted into one of horror’s most iconic movies in 1980.

Danny Lloyd famously played the role of young Danny in Kubrick’s film.

Ewan McGregor to bring adult Danny Torrance back to the big screen.

The plot of Doctor Sleep picks up with Torrance years after the events of The Shining. Danny is now a rage-filled alcoholic whose “shining” powers return when he begins to embrace sobriety.

Using his gift to communicate with the dying at a local hospice centre, his story takes a turn after he meets a young girl who also has “shining” powers.

Will Tony return for the sequel?

While the idea of a Shining sequel may worry horror fans, the source material coming from King himself and the involvement of director Mike Flanagan bode well for the final product.

Flanagan has become a genre favourite over the years with well-received horror efforts like Oculus, Hush, and Gerald’s Game.