Cheetos! Yasssss! Flamin’ Hot Cheetos! Even BETTER!

Flamin' Hot Cheetos Coma
A portrait of the artist at rest. This character was based off of me. True story!

Hey, everybody! Iggy Here!

Have I got some great news. In perhaps the BEST news since we first heard Kathleen Kennedy was going to be in charge of remaking the Star Wars Universe into something more inclusive, millennial, and AWESOME, news has JUST BROKEN about an upcoming Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Movie that is sure to be the BLOCKBUSTER HIT of 2019!

Cheetos Pizza
There is Nothing That Says Wednesday Morning Snack To Me Like a Delicious Cheetos ‘n’ Cheese Pizza!

I first thought this might be a movie about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos on an epic quest to restore the flame or find Chester Cheetah or something, which would have been awesome. But apparently it’s about the guy who invented them at the Cheeto-Lay Factory back in the 1890s or something. Back then, they were invented by Hauling Them Rathtars‘s uncle. True story! And Good for him!

His name is Richard Montañez and you killed my father, prepare to die. Whoops! Different totally classic movie. No, his name is Richard Montañez and he invented Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while working as a custodial engineer at the Cheeto-Lay factory!

It would have been cool if it had been about Chester Cheeto with a light saber battling Pringles or something like this but this is good too.

I can’t wait and I know you can’t either. But while you wait, why don’t you make yourself some delicious Cheetos Cookies and send me some. And then maybe make yourself some awesome crunchy caramel Cheetos and send me some of those!

Oh my god you guys these cookies are so good. Especially after, you know, recreational medications are consumed in abundance. You’ve gotta try them.

Wow! This article has made me hungry. The movie is being written by Lewis Colick who also wrote Charlie St. Cloud and October Sky, neither of which were about Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. It’s based on Richard Montañez book, A Boy, a Burrito, and a Cookie, which I don’t know if there are Cheeto cookies in that book, but if there aren’t, there ought to be. Cheetos are so good.

I love Cheetos. Sometimes I dream about a world filled the Cheetos, and I eat them all. And that’s still not enough. That’s how much I love Cheetos.

Rest assured, King Geek will keep you updated on ALL the latest breaking news about this upcoming Oscar contender! This is now at the very TOP of my list of MOST ANTICIPATED movies of 2019!

Keep it FLAMIN’ Peeps!

King Geek, out!

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