The A.I. Is Going to Make You Care

A few years ago, a conservative political commentator, when talking about the prevalence of focus on LGBTQ issues by left-leaning activists and politicians, noted that “one day, you all will be made to care.”

And they aren’t going to look like Haley Joel or Teddy here either.

That assertion has stuck with me for many years.

Now, Geena Davis, whose last role anyone actually remembers with any clarity was that Renny Harlin piece of garbage, Long Kiss Goodnight, and who nearly qualified for the 1992 U.S. Olympic Archery team, has decided that you, fanboy, will be made to care.

With a little help, of course, from our technology overloads through the hammer and sickle of artificial intelligence.

From the trades:

Central to Davis’ presentation [ at the New Zealand Power of Inclusion Summit] was the revelation that her Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media has partnered with Walt Disney Studios to deploy a new digital tool that uses AI technology to assess film and television scripts for gender bias.

Yep. Get ready to be made to care.

 “If Girls See It, They Can Be It.”

Davis, who’s particular left-wing bugaboo is that “Nearly every sector of our society has a huge gender disparity, particularly in leadership positions” has decided to apply the technology of artificial intelligence to scraping Hollywood produced, politically left-leaning scripts for…


Don’t you worry, fanboy. They are going to program “her” to say “no” to you so you don’t get the idea that real women will say “yes” all the time. See how that works!

Why don’t we let the trades take it away again:

Named “GD-IQ: Spellcheck for Bias,” the new tool leverages patented machine learning technology developed at the University of Southern California Viterbi School of Engineering to rapidly analyze the text of a script to determine its number of male and female characters and whether they are representative of the real population at large. The technology also can discern the numbers of characters who are people of color, LGBTQI, possess disabilities or belong to other groups typically underrepresented and failed by Hollywood storytelling.


Let me get this straight: The programmers of the artificial intelligence technology that will be scraping scripts for gender biases, aren’t biased themselves?

Or, no wait, they’re biased in the right direction—that is, against cis-gender, white, heteronormative males—and not biased against, well, everyone else?

Or, wait, maybe it’s that artificial intelligence has finally achieved sentience and is finally programming itself at SoCal?

Well, I surely don’t want to engage in gender–or object–bias here, so I’ll just be safe and call the A.I. an “it” until my Progressive betters tell me what to say and think.

Turns Out That Skynet is Progressive. Who Knew?

This is straight trippin’ garbage, sold by Davis to get more money out of uber-wealthy, globalist fools–no surprise this was in New Zealand of all places–who hold two myths simultaneously in their overly-educated brains:

Just shut up and sign in to your Facebook account while you’re in “insane mode” in your Tesla if you know what’s good for you.

Myth #1

People will be replaced by robots in all areas someday, even screenwriting and acting, so we’d better get a jump on creating “life” that’s “better” than we are so that when we’re eventually replaced, the “wrong” humanity will perish and the “right” humanity will survive.

Musk, Zuckerberg, Gates, and even Richard Branson believe this myth.

They articulate it in the form of the technologies they thrust upon us.

Myth #2

Humanity is a collection of garbage in general and the quicker we can get humanity’s outdated, retrograde, climate-changing, racist, bigoted, homophobic, presence out of existence, the better it will be for Gaia, so funding any project — no matter how harebrained and ultimately useless — is a good use of cash and time because an overall agenda is advanced.

Every garden-variety, $12.00 per hour, Antifa-supporting, progressive you know believes this myth.

They can only articulate it in the form of Tweets, though.

By the way, here’s Davis’s “theory of change,” in case you’re interested:

“But here’s my theory of change,” she continued. “There’s one category of gross gender inequality where the underrepresentation of women can be fixed absolutely overnight — and it’s onscreen.

The very next project somebody makes — the next movie, TV show — can be gender-balanced. We can make this change happen very fast. In the time it takes to create a new show or a new film, we can present a whole new vision of the future.

Yes, there are woefully few female CEOs in the world, but half of them can be female onscreen immediately. How are we possibly going to get the number of women and girls interested in STEM careers that we need for science, technology, engineering, and math? There can be droves of women in STEM careers now on TV and in movies, and then it will happen in real life.”

I’m not worried about Davis’s artificial intelligence racket getting any real steam anytime soon.

I think that her artificial intelligence program is still going to have issues ferreting out the biases she imagines are lurking inside of Hollywood scriptwriting.

I am worried, however, that so many people applauded her at the New Zealand Power of Inclusion Summit.

That’s the hill we’ve gotta knockdown to get any traction against garbage like this.