A week or so ago we received some encouraging news about the direction of Ghostbusters 3 when director Jason Reitman proclaimed he was “handing the franchise back to the fans.”

Now comes an exclusive from Variety that gives us a glimpse into both the storyline and some of the casting:

Sources say the story for the sequel will focus on a single mom and her family.

Film Goblin favorite Carrie Coon is in talks to play the mother of this family, which will presumably be haunted by ghosts.

At least let’s hope they are. Let’s hope it’s not a family of Ghostbusters.

Crom, I have never prayed to you before…

 Coon appeared in Avengers: Infinity War as Midnight Proxima, cosmic villainess and member of Thanos’ Black Order, where she essentially gritted her teeth and scowled.

More notably, she was confused with Elizabeth Winstead in season three of the excellent FX show Fargo. Remember kids, Carrie played the sheriff’s deputy, Liz was the ex-con that suddenly became Lee Harvey Oswald. 

Would… write a screenplay for either.

One of Carrie Coon’s children is likely to be played by human irritant and star of Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard.

Maybe I’m jealous of him because he’s more successful at 11 then I’ll ever be in my entire life, but his name just reminds me of a Jim Florentine bit:

Ghostbusters 3 starts shooting this summer in — surprise! — Calgary.

You thought I was going to say Vancouver, didn’t you?