We’ve Been Probed By An Alien Craft

A dim object was discovered on October 19, 2017 by the Pan-STARRS telescope, at an apparent magnitude of 20.

The observations showed that it follows a strongly hyperbolic trajectory around the Sun at a speed greater than the solar escape velocity, in turn meaning that it is not gravitationally bound to the Solar System and likely to be an interstellar object.

It’s not possible. That kind of perhelion is not possible.

It was initially named C/2017 U1 because it was assumed to be a comet, and was renamed to A/2017 U1 after no cometary activity was found on October 25. After its interstellar nature was confirmed, it was renamed to 1I/ʻOumuamua – ‘1’ because it is the first such object to be discovered, ‘I’ for interstellar, and “‘Oumuamua” is a Hawaiian word meaning “a messenger from afar arriving first”.


But No One Is Concerned

The lack of cometary activity from ʻOumuamua suggests an origin from the inner regions of whatever stellar system it came from, losing all surface volatiles within the frost line, much like the rocky asteroids, extinct comets and damocloids we know from our Solar System.

This is only a suggestion, as ʻOumuamua might very well have lost all surface volatiles to eons of cosmic radiation exposure in interstellar space, developing a thick crust layer after it was expelled from its parent system.

Where Are The Pictures?

ʻOumuamua has an eccentricity of 1.199, which is the highest eccentricity ever observed for any object in the Solar System by a wide margin.

It’s impossible that it changed direction like that. 

Maybe I am crazy, perhaps I play with madness…

No, Seriously

In September 2018, astronomers described several possible home star systems from which ʻOumuamua may have begun its interstellar journey.

Which ones? Which planets?

Where do the Bugs live?

Has anyone read a fucking sci-fi book in the last 100 years? WTF is going on with our governments? Where the fuck are the early warning systems?

They would not have wasted years on this trip for nothing.

It might be time to go full fuck-off Starship Troopers Futurism.

Like, right now.

Before they attack us. I think that would be awesome.