How Is This Allowed On Steam?

Just in time to take advantage of hatred for filthy living and virus-spreading, indie game developer 2GenPro — which stands for 2 Genders Productions — is rolling out the sequel to its controversial first-person shooter Jesus Strikes Back: Judgement Day.

They are calling it Jesus Strikes Back 2: The Resurrection.

I have a question…

Didn’t Jesus have to resurrect to be in the first game?

Oh, well, I know it’s hard keeping Biblical canon consistent. 

According to 2GenPro, this “satirical” game is pretty much the most fun you can have with a joystick — at least outside of a country under Sharia law:

You will not only run into all types of wildlife – some hostile and others not – but all types of enemies, including feminists, lesser SJWs, climate activists, vegans, furries, communists, demonkrats, actual literal demons, rainbow militants, and plethora of others. 

By “run into” they mean “kill”

“Lesser SJWs”

Do they mean the writers from over at Birth.Movies.Death.?

There’s no Youtube trailer yet but you can check out some videos on Steam.

This is some gameplay from the original:

Yes, that’s right, you can play as President Trump. You can also play as President Putin, Pepe The Frog, Boris Johnson and other members of the global dissident movement.

Some improvements for the sequel include:

  • Players can equip up to five weapons at a time – a handgun, semi-automatic rifle, automatic rifle, heavy or two-handed melee weapon, and a one-handed melee weapon – and switch between them with hotkeys. 
  • Multiple unique locations including The Diversity Museum, Gender Studies Academy, Rot Child’s Manor, Club Rainbow and so on.
  • A usage-based skill system so if you shoot someone with a shotgun and you will become better at doing that and deal more damage, have a higher critical hit chance, etc. Keep using your katana and eventually, you really will become a master of the blade.

I haven’t played a shooter since Goldeneye, so I have no idea whether this game is an actual game or just a quick cash grab targeting bantzy boyz and edgelords.

The alphabet community is certainly not taking it laying down:

Well, Well, Well

Looks like some people can’t take a joke.