Apparently not. Stiller addressed the rumor on Twitter.

The original story…

Here is your WTF of the day.

Ben Stiller is joining the cast of The Fast And The Furious and is getting ready to start shooting a small role for The Fast And The Furious 9.

That’s what’s being reported by The New York Post’s Page Six column.

Though it’s not exactly known for breaking film news if you wanna know what celebrities are frequenting which strip clubs in the city, it’s the gold standard.

If true, what role will Stiller be shooting?

Since the film comes out in less than three months, it’s most likely a cameo appearance of some sort. Maybe it turns out he’s a fan of the franchise and producers decided to throw him a bone and put something together quickly which would help get the movie even more publicity.

Or maybe he’s been cast as the villain of the next film or that all-girl spinoff Vin Diesel has been talking about and are using F9 to introduce him.

Unlikely, but this is the same franchise that has had some WTF casting in the past, such as Oscar winners Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren, so who knows.

Stiller’s not exactly known as an action star. The closest he’s probably gotten to playing one is in Tropic Thunder but that was just a parody.

We’ll find out if true and what the role is when The Fast And The Furious 9 hits theaters May 22, 2020.