Everyone’s favorite former stormtrooper, John Boyega (up until today I thought his last name was Bodega), is getting the feathers of the online Star Wars community ruffled by having the audacity to disagree with a story on Comic Book Resource that claims Rey was a better Jedi than Anakin.

How dare he!

If you’re not convinced that the world has become too woke, this is a pretty good example, at least within the sci-fi / fantasy entertainment world.

So Anakin, who had an entire film made about him as a kid in order to establish how potentially powerful and important he would be to the entire fate of the galaxy, is not as good a Jedi as someone who discovered The Force and then learned to master it in around two weeks time?

Seems kind of crazy. The guy only had the best lightsaber battle in the entire saga.

(The music under that fight is criminally underrated by the way.)

Boyega works with Daisy Ridley and still picks Anakin over Rey.

I guess maybe he realizes that being a general in The Clone Wars and having the highest midichlorian count ever trumps being a Mary Sue.

Maybe Anakin having the balls to slaughter an entire classroom of frightened children is what put him over the top.

Or maybe he just realized Daisy Ridley is merely a poor man’s Keira Knightley.

What do you peeps think about this Force power match-up?

Team Annie or Team Muh Rey Sue?