Nostalgia… Ah… Finds A Way

They’re back! Grant, Ellie, Malcolm, Hammond, Nedry, Arnold!

All your favorite characters from Jurassic Park are coming back to the big screen for a limited engagement to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the movie.

All those memorable characters… right?

Let’s face it… the only thing we care about, the only thing we have ever cared about in Jurassic Park, is the dinosaurs.

Just one dinosaur, to be precise: your friend and mine, Mr. T-Rex.

Did you know that there are actually a bunch of different types of dinosaurs in the Tyrannosaur family

I just big-brained you, didn’t I?

But I won’t bore you with my vast knowledge of paleontology.

Instead, I will let you know that tickets are available now on the Fathom Events web site for shows on September 16th, 18th and 19th.

Then I will burn this image into your genetic memory. Malcolm is a fun character, isn’t he?

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