Weird Socks Get You Laid

Well, not really. But unlike that stupid band shirt from the 90s you wear, socks can be a good way of attracting attention from the opposite sex without looking like you’re trying to attract attention.

No one knows who the Drive By Truckers are, you tryhard ******

Phone cases also play a similar role as subtle conversation starters.

As do Aston Martins.

But unlike those two accessories, weird socks also help you build your Big Ghey Stack, especially if you’re wearing shorts.

Ghey Boss unlocked

While there are literally dozens of weird sock companies out there vying for your male foot cover dollar, there really haven’t been any socks that you’ve needed — until now.

Behold The Jaws Meg Great White Shark Sock!

You can buy these miracle socks for $9.95 from Socky Socks, but only for a limited time because they’re going out of business. 

I can understand why Socky Socks went belly up; they just didn’t display either the selection of a Soxy or the class of a Heshi.

Or it could be a lie to create false scarcity.

Myself, I’m taking advantage of this sock sale to stock up on all the right conversation footwear that I’ll need for my next careful constructed seduction fable:

And no, there are no affiliate codes, this is merely a service for you — the people.

Although affiliate codes might be a good idea. Someone should get something out of all of this hard work and dedication.

What is your favorite piece of gear that you use to break the ice with the opposite sex?

Or the same sex, for those of you wearing shorts.