When HBO recently released its trailer for their Watchmen mini-series, I assumed the dangerous and despicable race-hustling on display was mainly for shock value and that the show itself was would be more measured, relying on subtext and allegory rather than blatant propaganda.

Never underestimate the Baizuo

Damon Lindelof has emerged from bubble-wrapped woke-Twitter to proclaim himself The Great White Hope and lets everyone know that unless you bashed the Covington Kids, reflexively believed Jussie Smollett or actually think you are engaged in a Resistance against the duly-elected head of a representative democracy, the new HBO show Watchmen isn’t for you.

From Deadline:

“What in 2019 is the equivalent of the nuclear standoff between the Americans and the Russians?” the sometimes-punchy Leftovers co-creator postulated during the Watchmen panel at TCA on Wednesday.

“It is race and the police,” Lindelof said, answering his own question as star Regina King and EP/director Nicole Kassell — both Leftovers alums — sat next to him on stage at the Beverly Hilton.

That’s right, the police, who killed 992 people in shootings in 2018, the vast majority of which were completely justified, and their intersection with race  — which, I’m assuming mean African Americans because Hollywood doesn’t give a damn about Hispanics — is the equivalent of the Cold War where millions died and billions were threatened with atomic annihilation.

Seems responsible. I mean, look how serious they are about their comic book show.

But Lindelof wasn’t finished:

“There is no defeating white supremacy — it’s not going away,” EP Lindelof explained of the hate groups that populate the nine-episode Watchmen.

“There are no easy answers and grandiose solution,” he added, noting this was not going to play out like your standard superheroes saga on the small or big screen.

Well, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which makes hundreds of millions of dollars identifying alleged “hate groups”, there are less than 10,000 white supremacists, neo-nazis or white nationalists in the United States, a country of 327 million.

That’s 0.003% of the population.

There are more confirmed hate-crime hoaxes than people convicted of hate-crimes

There are more rapists and murderers walking the streets than the scary racists, many of whom’s only thought-crime is wanting to be separated from the people doing the majority of the killings and criminal violence in the United States.

In this country, more people drown in five-gallon buckets during a seven-year period than were killed by white supremacists in racially-motivated attacks in the last decade.

That’s The Power Of Math, People

Statistically, white supremacy is defeated. But don’t tell Lindelof, because apparently the hack that gave us such illusory bullshit as Lost, Prometheus, The Leftovers and Star Trek Into Darkness, needs to sell more scary-pills to housewives and cat-ladies.

And that is exactly what this is: a blatantly deceptive marketing tactic to lend gravitas to a stale intellectual property, as well as propaganda meant to stoke fears among TV-taught, middle-class white liberals in order to sway elections.

Because those are the only people that believe this systemic racism lie.

African-American folks sure don’t:

At some point, reason and patience end and we just have to say:

Shut The Fuck Up, You Liar

What Lindelof and his masters at HBO, are engaged in is the worst kind of media malpractice against your country and your countrymen. It’s more dangerous than the most virulent internet racist spewing stereotypes and untruths because no one confronts it.

Don’t watch this show. Don’t support HBO in any way. Starve the beast. At some point in the future, these men will be held responsible for their attempts to sow racial strife.

Courts will be convened, the guilty will be punished. Until that day, clown them.