22 Jump Street and The Lego Movie helmsmen, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller, are partnering up with Radio Silence, the fellows behind this summer’s mystery thriller Ready or Not, for what is being touted as a unique ursine flavored horror-comedy with a punch of good feels and child-driven chuckles. 

Lord and Miller Being Lord and Miller

This team-up could very well be the makings of dare I say it, a good movie. Sources claim it will be like a mix of The Revenant and Good Boys, so with that in mind, I hope it has some genuinely terrifying moments for the young stars, whoever they may be. 

With that in mind, could we expect this to be a bit of a raunchy, profanity-laced bloodbath? Or will they keep the tone a bit more family-friendly to get the money flowing in?

Let’s hope we get something more like the former rather than the latter. I want to see the genuine terror in those kids’ eyes. 

Are We In For A Big Surprise?

Of course, I could have totally misread the situation and it be an entirely different kind of bear terrorizing these kiddos… this could be a very strange yet fascinating movie altogether. 

Doubtful, but in either case, I’m genuinely intrigued to see what they are going to be doing with this film. 

More Thoughts

When someone mentions bears and comedy to me, my mind immediately takes me to the all-time classic The Great Outdoors. I miss John Candy so much. 

Could this flick dare to be different and make the kids the bad guys?

A big old mummy bear protecting her cubs from a group of spoilt, social media addicted brats? Now that would be a unique take on things.

Or will it go with a Gentle Ben angle and have the kids unwillingly team up with the furry nightmare to defeat an even bigger threat?

Speaking of furries… actually, never mind.