Word just in is that Halt and Catch Fire alumni Mackenzie Davis has joined the cast of Terminator 6.

No news yet on the role she will play.

Mackenzie Davis

This sixth entry is an attempt to course correct the franchise since the poorly received third entry, the disastrous fourth entry and a fifth installment that looked great on paper and then fell completely apart in execution.

Team Terminator ASSEMBLE!

The A-Team have been assembled.  Original creator Cameron is hands-on producing.  Linda Hamilton returns, as does, obviously, Schwarzenegger.  Deadpool director Tim Miller is in the big chair.

No word yet on who will be taking on the most recast role in sci-fi that isn’t Doctor Who, John Connor.  Anyone know what Nick Stahl is up to these days?  We also await news of what the trick Terminator will be made of this time round.  Does a smart commercial tie-up with Lego beckon?

After the highs of Terminator and Terminator 2, the trajectory was down hill fast.  The sucker-punch ending of Terminator 3 was spectacular.  I can honestly say I have never revisited Terminator 4 / Salvation or Terminator 5 / Genesis since their initial viewings and have no strong desire to.

The incomparable eBob Jr discusses his plans, hopes and dreams for the franchise here.

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