Well, I Did Not See This Coming

The character of He-Man, champion of Eternia and mortal enemy to Skeletor, has now been cast for the forthcoming Masters Of The Universe.

And, it’s Noah Centineo. This kid:

Master Of The Universe? More like Mastur… I can’t even finish

To date, Noah’s credits include To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, The Fosters, something in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels remake and what looks like a bunch of Disney Channel type of shows.

Check out the official description of The Fosters:

Teenager Callie Jacob is placed in a foster home with a lesbian couple and their blend of biological, adoptive, and foster children.

What are the first two pronouns that come to mind?

I Guess Heavy CGI Will Be Involved

Let’s remember who He-Man has formerly been played by:

He + Man. Not that difficult.

Now, I don’t really care anything about He-Man, even when I was 8 it seemed like just another corny Saturday morning cartoon, but this is some bizarre casting.

I get that he’s just a normal man that transforms into He-Man but the character is based on Conan The Barbarian, for Christ’s sake! Who is going to play Battle Cat?

Aw, hell naw!

Then again, according to an expert, He-Man is the gayest show of all time. Wew.

Masters Of The Universe is being directed by Aaron and Adam Nee. Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, the writers behind Men In Black: International, are adapting from a treatment by David Goyer. 

This all just sounds wonderful. If you need me I’ll be in Castle Greyskull.