Achtung! Danger! Beware!

The article you are about to read contains spoilers about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

According to a listing on Amazon, the novelization of the final chapter of the saga will be available to readers on March 17th.

Rise of Skywalker
I see you there suckers. Keep that wallet open, there’s a good stooge.

However, as desperation dictates and since TROS is still technically in theatres, Lucasfilm Publishing has released some early copies to stimulate any potential interest in what represents the headstone over the corpse of the once-mighty franchise.

Predictably, some plot points that weren’t present in the screen story have been ‘leaked’ and though most are minor, there is a sort of big one regarding the ham-fisted return of Emperor Palpatine.  

Here Be The Spoilers

Image result for star wars cloning

Apparently he’s a clone.

So there you have it people who saw this movie and/or needed this oh so vital plot point confirmed.

Shall I wait until you’ve rushed out to see this misunderstood masterpiece now that I’ve given you an essential piece to enhanced enjoyment?

No? Okay then…

The idea of him being a clone was touched on briefly in Skywalker via Dominic Monaghan’s character Beaumont Kin who, after confirmation of Palpatine’s return:

“Dark science. Cloning. Secrets only the Sith knew.” 

Let’s play along here an pretend that this was a matter of editing for time and not for selling interest in the smoldering remains of the galaxy that once was far, far away.

But What Does It All Mean?

Indeed, questions have been raised. Interest, however, remains in the toilet.

Nice try Disney.

Does this change our view of the movie? From meh to, wait… nah still meh.

Does it make the plot more realized? Was there a central plot?

Does it help make the idea that Palpatine was the puppet master behind the scenes, pulling not only Kylo Ren’s strings but also those of Supreme Leader Snoke and the entire First Order?

In short, Hell to the no and the movie(s) had much larger story problems than explaining how Palpatine survived.

This leaking nonsense gimmick is best viewed as a case of backfilling one of the numerous plot holes/dumb shit this trilogy was riddled with.

I’m also not sure why the concept of him being a clone is such a revelation as cloning has been a staple of the series starting with Obi-Wan’s mention of it to Luke in A New Hope, to being used in the title of the fifth film, and up until the new trilogy came around, worse movie in the franchise.

Image result for attack of the clones poster
Oh yeah…clones…right.

Perhaps most insidious is the fact J.J. Abrams, in all his hackery, plundered the mostly ignored extended universe for this plot point. 

Image result for palpatine rise of skywalker
He needs that machine, and I guess the paycheck for this POS, to live.

The only difference being the Emperor’s clone body wasn’t weak like it was in The Rise of Skywalker. Which is perhaps a fitting metaphor for the failed experiment that is the George Lucas-less Star Wars movies and may be the only thing worth remembering about the whole tired affair.