What If Batman Had Multiple Personality Syndrome?

Into the ever-growing stable of the ever-expanding MCU, floats Moon Knight.

The brainchild of artist Don Perlin and Doug Moench in the mid-1970s, Moon Knight was one of those Marvel Universe characters that I (as a DC fan as well) always thought was a poor man’s excuse for Batman.

Moon Knight with better toys, better motivations, and a better origin story.

Yes, Marc Spector had multiple personalities, battling for his soul, but he also couldn’t hold his own title, appearing first in back-up stories starting in Werewolf by Night #32, and then being ignobly dropped off in West Coast Avengers for a time.

Now, I was always a fan of the artwork of Stephen Platt (Pitt) and collected his last six-issue run on Marc Spector: Moon Knight written by Chuck Dixon, before he moved on in the mid-90s to the more fertile ground at Image Comics.

Well, What About The MCU?

So, to fill their new streaming service with content, Disney is reaching back into the Marvel archives and offering up Moon Knight as live-action series, as they recently announced at D23.

The logo alone will get people in the door.



I Don’t Know How They Make This Work…

The fact is, Marc Spector’s origins as Moon Knight might make this interesting for one or maybe two seasons, but I see Disney+ going down the road that the CW has tread before: Start with a minor character with a strong fan base, perform some mediocre fan service in the first season or so, and then slowly water down the concept.

This could be us, but you just playin’!

See Green Arrow or The Flash for recent evidence of where Disney+ with minor Marvel Universe fan favorites could go.

Kevin Feige is already on record saying that he doesn’t want the MCU on Disney+ to be too dark, and he’s interested in casting a Jewish lead for the live-action efforts.

Once again, I have come to steal your dreams.

So, I guess Keanu Reeves is out, now that Matrix 4 is ramping up and John Wick is (finally) winding down.

Plus, apparently, Moon Knight‘s origins as a Jewish-American rabbi’s mercenary son, who’s body is inhabited by a pagan Egyptian moon god (Larry David would love this origin) make it rife for Comicsgate shenanigans of all kinds.

I don’t think Keanu — or Reeves — is a Jewish name.

See the video below:

The live-action, new and improved Moon Knight will appear on Disney +… soon…