NBC’s Peacock TV is for Those Who Like “Content”

NBC’s Peacock TV streaming service is entering a world of streaming competition dominated by services like Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and others who all claim that their “content” is better and more worth watching than their competitors’ offerings.

NBC’s PEACOCK TV Streaming Service Premiers July 15th With 'New Content'

Let’s see how much truth there is to that claim.

From the trades:

Peacock TV boasts its own particular library of content thanks to licensing rights under the Comcast umbrella. Many of those shows will be available at launch, with original series (teased below in a suite of trailers) like Punky Brewster and Saved by the Bell and new films like Brave New World also on tap.

Well, alright then.

 NBC’s Peacock TV is for those with Attention Spans

The market differentiator here for NBCUniversal is their ability to clawback shows like Frasier and Cheers that buoyed services like Amazon Prime and Netflix for years.

NBC’s PEACOCK TV Streaming Service Premiers July 15th With 'New Content'

From the trades:

NBCUniversal’s new streaming service that aims to deliver original TV series while also offering up a ton of titles in parent company Comcast’s catalog. Today, certain Comcast subscribers will have preview access for the service’s ad-supported option, Peacock Premium; all Comcast customers should have access to Peacock by the end of the month before the national rollout on July 15th.

This means, of course, that services like the aforementioned competitors are going to be racing to create more and more original content for the next 18 to 24 months.
This also means that last years’ moves by Netflix to shore up its junk bonds weren’t so insane after all.

What Are We To Make of All of This?

First Quibi dropped to very little fanfare, and now NBC’s Peacock TV is out in the world, ready to “wow” us with new imaginings of conventional shows.

NBC’s PEACOCK TV Streaming Service Premiers July 15th With 'New Content'

Alongside HBO Max and the other streaming services that are dropping this year, it is looking like the true winners of the coronavirus in 2020 are the streaming services themselves.