Like most people in abusive relationships, no matter how much they want to escape, Star Wars fans can’t leave the franchise or stop looking back when they swear they are done with it forever.

Just admit it.

So we all know you won’t be able to resist checking out new concept art that has been leaked onto Imgur from Colin Trevorrow’s canceled Episode IX: Duel Of The Fates

It’s another look into what might have been if Disney stuck with him instead of going back to J.J. again to finish off the franchise.

The previous art which leaked had what felt like a heavy leaning towards the creepy villain of the film. These new images focus more on the story and depict scenes from the early drafts of the script.

Some of the stuff here looks really interesting. However, as we have seen countless times over with well-edited trailers, nice images can easily hide poorly constructed scripts. In fairness to those who decided to ax Trevorrow, even Trevorrow freely admits that he did not think that he was able to crack the script properly.

Could he have been able to? It would have been nice to see him get more time, but we’ll never know.

For those interested, all the images could be viewed here.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights…

BB-8 disguised as a First Order droid.
A village on Kuat This looks similar to the planet in Rise of Skywalker where Chewbacca was captured.
A number of the images depict Rey with a double-bladed lightsaber.
Kylo Ren near death.
This has a heavy Empire Strikes Back feel to it.
Everyone gets stuck after Poe crashed the Falcon on an ice planet.
Kylo sucks the force from a tree.
Razor Sails.
Stormtroopers vs Coruscant citizens.
Rey vs Kylo Ren.
Mary Sue lifts the Falcon from under the ice.
Final shot of the film. Rey training the next generation of Jedi.