Thunder From Down Under

After pretty much nailing the superhero genre from Captain America: Winter Soldier through to Avengers: Endgame you wouldn’t begrudge the Russo Bros. some time off.  I imagine they are not short of $$$, or offers for when they might want to return.

So their choice of next project may surprise.

They have committed to a buddy-cop action comedy Down Under Cover.  A detective goes under cover to crack a series of daring and highly technical heists where the main suspects are a group of Australian male erotic dancers.  So basically Point Break with more baby oil and spit-roasted bachelorettes?

Good News And Bad News

The good news is that they will be re-teaming with Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.  

Somebody get me my fucking hammer!

He has frequently shown a strong comedic streak, whether he’s having fun with the inherent silliness of the God Of Thunder, or being the only thing in Ghostbusters 2016 that doesn’t feel like a fat date shitting in your eyes then screaming at you to laugh about it even though it’s not remotely funny.

The bad news is that his partner will be played by Tiffany Haddish, and she will be “…the lone wolf partner nobody else wants who only does things her own way.”  So not only will we have to deal with her usual ghetto minstrel show, but it will be playing out a tired old trope.

Here’s hoping the squad is strong enough to elevate this.

Mike Larocca will also produce.  No word on a release date yet.