Because your wifi signal is not clogged up enough already, it is being reported that Viacom will be debuting its own streaming service now too.

The new service is expected to be announced by the company on February 20 when it shares it’s earning with investors.

Viacom and CBS recently went through an $11.7 billion merger and this is one of the results.

Though still unnamed at this point, it will be an “expansion” of the already available CBS All Access, which is the current television home to the Star Trek franchise.

What “expansion” means at this point is not known, nor is it know if CBS All Access will still exist in some form when the new service comes to market.

Viacom has a large media library to plunder in order to attract viewers. In addition to CBS, they also own a number of cable channels such as Showtime, Comedy Central and MTV.

Paramount Pictures is one of its subsidiaries and home to the Mission: Impossible and Transformers franchises, as well as classic films such as The Godfather, Rear Window and Forrest Gump.

They also own the broadcast rights to a number of sports leagues and events, such as the NFL and college basketball to help fill up their programming slots.

It’s not just current streamers like Netflix, Hulu, and Apple that Viacom is going to be going up against. Just around the corner HBO Max and Peacock from NBC will be debuting.

Viacom will be competing with Netflix, but prior to the merger with CBS, they also made a deal to produce and provide content for them, which probably will create some uncomfortable moments during board meetings.