Looks Like The Stand and Walking Dead Had a Baby

HBO Max has greenlit Station Eleven, a 10-episode post-apocalyptic limited drama series based on the international bestseller by Emily St. John Mandel.

So, I know a graphic designer you could all call. Her number is 867-5309.

The concept — dare I say, the high concept — follows the survivors of a flu-like virus called the Georgia Flu through the world of the Walking Dead.

No… wait… not quite.

This plot sounds like Mandel read The Stand by Stephen King, wrote a book, and then got a streaming television show.

Whoopie! I’ll wait for a trailer to make a determination about this.

Stephen King Wants to Get Paid

The series will star that “woman” from Terminator: Dark Fate, which we have panned roundly on this site and if you’re going to other shill and niche sites that are calling this piece of garbage “good” then you’re headed to the wrong places.

She’s gonna be in an HBOMax show next. She’s in the middle.

That “woman” from Terminator: Dark Fate will play Kirsten, a survivor of the Georgia Flu pandemic and performer in a post-apocalyptic Shakespeare troupe.

The series will also star Himesh Patel, a British theater actor who starred in EastEnders and Yesterday. Patel also has an unnamed role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Tenet.

In Station Eleven, he will portray Jeevan, an unemployed lost soul who must become a leader when the Georgia Flu strikes.

Paging, Joe Biden. Paging Joe Biden.

Patric Sommerville (Maniac) will serve as showrunner on this limited drama series.

Eh. Ok. Thanks.

I look forward to finding out who they will cast as the Randall Flagg and Mother Abigail characters in this show.

He too is seeking Randall Flagg.

Don’t fear the reaper, HBOMax.

I count this as one more show designed to get me to watch along with The Boondocks, the Gremlins “reimagining,” whatever pablum Ellen is pushing on that platform, and of course, reruns, reruns, reruns.