That’s right, you can now add Patrick Stewart and Kevin Feige to the list of historic meetings of the minds.

Stewart, who is currently making the rounds promoting Star Trek: Picard, revealed in an interview with Digital Spy that he recently met with Marvel boss Kevin Feige to discuss all things X-Men, saying there have been…

“…moves and suggestions, which include Charles Xavier.”

Stewart of course played Professor X for nearly 2 decades in the X-Men films produced by the studio formerly known as Fox, though this does not mean that Stewart is planning on returning to the role and joining the MCU as Professor X.

“Here’s the problem… If we had not made Logan, then yes, I would probably be ready to get into that wheelchair one more time and be Charles Xavier. But Logan changed all that.”

So What?

What this does is bring up the question of how exactly Disney plans on bringing the X-Men into the Marvel film universe.

If Stewart was asked by Feige if he would be interested in returning to the role as Stewart’s quote seems to imply, then it could mean that the hard reboot of the series that everyone was assuming would happen simply may not happen.

It also brings up the question if some characters may cross over from the Fox universe into the Disney one.

If Stewart did not bite on an invite to return, does that mean maybe the role will be offered to Fox’s other Professor X, James McAvoy, instead?

This comes on the heels that The New Mutants film which releases soon is officially a part of the MCU despite being produced to fit within the Fox franchise.

But He’s Dead

Think it can’t happen because Professor X died in Logan? Well he also died in X3 and came back without an explanation.

Avengers: Endgame also introduced the concept of alternate timelines and paths, so bringing him back as well an any selective character they choose is really not all that complicated or hard to explain.

Deadpool 3 is still happening despite being in the same Fox universe as X-Men, so at this point pretty much anything is possible in regards to if all characters are really gone or if some wind up staying.