Movie Fan Bad

Movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has silenced all dissent by removing its “Want To See” score.

Read their lying, bullshit statement

Muh “non-constructive input”.

We all know RT did this because people were downvoting Captain Cardboard Marvel

This kind of grassroots reaction to an upcoming movie — let alone a Marvel movie — was unprecedented. So to cover up that fact, they lied about the same thing happening to Black Panther. It didn’t.

Lied? Why Would They Lie?

In order to make this not just a sexist plot but also a racist plot. Because intersectional. Normies and casuals respond more to racism than sexism, ya see.

This evil plot? That people don’t really like Brie Larson, the box wine Captain Marvel character or the way mommy blog media has carried water for both.

Except… this never happened to Black Panther. They are liars.

Let Me Be Clear

  1. I really liked Brie Larson. Room is awesome even though it’s not her movie. It’s Jake’s movie. But I still like her acting work. 
  2. Brie Larson said a lot of dumb shit
  3. I don’t like Brie Larson.
  4. I was still going to see the movie.
  5. Then the shills started shilling.
  6. Now we’re not even allowed to have an opinion.
  7. $%^& this movie. $%^& Marvel. $%^& Disney.
  8. I’m not even watching Endgame now and I suggest you don’t either.  

Wallet Stays Closed. My Money, My Choice.

I’m not going to spend one more second thinking about this stupidity.