Via Superhero Hype, the Brothers Russo admitted in an interview with French site Internaute that if the rights pieces come together telling a story like Secret Wars could offer some interesting possibilities.

Marvel Secret Wars Russos
The Brothers Bank: if they film it we will come

Of course, Disney’s recent purchase of film rights to properties such as The Fantastic Four and The X-Men are a very large piece of the puzzle.

Battle Royale

Marvel Secret Wars Russos Venom
About that movie…

Will it happen? Who knows. For Marvel fans it’s a known quantity, a 12-issue “event” published over the course of 1984 to 1985. The conceit is simple: a super-powerful being  kidnaps the Marvel pantheon (good guys and bad), dumps them on a remote planet and says “Go at it!”

I hear Battle Royale is all the rage with kids these days, so…

It’s be a smorgasbord for all, that’s for sure. Of course, knowing that at least one hero won’t make it out of Infinity War (or Avengers 4) might leave some (myself not included ) to wonder what the roster of good guys would be.

But that’s an argument for another time and article.