With his legendary character Rambo finally retired after Rambo: Last Blood, Sylvester Stallone will start filming his next movie, Samaritan, next year.

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Stallone takes aim at the superhero genre

This movie will be the first project for his own studio, Balboa Productions.

According to Deadline, the movie will be a thriller where a young boy searches for a mythic superhero, Stallone, who disappeared after a tragic event 20 years ago.

This appears to be an original movie concept, not based on anything already existing as a comic franchise as has been done by Marvel and DC.

Julius Avery, director of Overlord, has been signed to direct Stallone’s movie.

Overlord made only $41M against a budget of $38M. Avery needs Samaritan to be a hit.

Bragi F. Schut, screenwriter of Escape Room, will be both screenwriter and executive producer.

Can Rocky Knockout A New Genre?

Although Sylvester Stallone is an icon of Hollywood, the question is always:

“Does he still draw an audience?”

Title Date Worldwide Box (Millions)
Creed II 11/21/18 $214.1
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
5/5/17 $863.8
Creed 11/25/15 $173.6
The Expendables 3 8/15/14 $214.7
Grudge Match 12/25/13 $44.9
Escape Plan 10/18/13 $137.3
Bullet to the Head 2/1/13 $9.5
The Expendables 2 8/17/12 $315.0


Using figures from Box Office Mojo, the seven live-action movies Stallone has appeared in since 2012 neglecting The Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, a Marvel movie was not relying on Stallone’s star power to attract customers, and Bullet to the Head, which did not receive a worldwide release, have averaged $157.1 hundred million in worldwide ticket sales.

Considering the major selling point of those movies was that Stallone was in them, that is not a bad box office result.

So yes, I do believe that Stallone’s Samaritan can be successful.

They will have to be careful with their budgeting. This is not a Marvel or DC movie with a built-in audience. This is more akin to Brightburn which made $32.9 million worldwide. Of course, being made on a budget of just $6 million, Brightburn was a financial success.

We can be certain that with Stallone on the marquee this movie will receive a better reception than Brightburn did. We also have a potential audience primed to go and see superhero movies.

I can see Samaritan bringing in between $150 and $200 million, so, if they can keep their budget at around $30 to $40 million, it will make money.

Given his age, I don’t think Stallone intends to build a franchise around this character so it won’t have to justify a sequel.

I intend to go and see Samaritan when it comes out. How say you?