In an attempt to prove once again that Hollywood is out of ideas, CBS has given a green light to a pilot based on the book and Oscar winning film The Silence Of The Lambs.

Titled Clarice, the show will take place one year after the film and follow the adventures of Hannibal Lecter’s nemesis Clarice Starling as she tries to take down various criminals of the week in Washington DC.

Whoever winds up landing the lead in it will immediately have one of the most high profile roles in all of television. Jodie Foster and Julianne Moore also famously played the role on the big screen prior to this.

This is not the first attempt to give the character her own series. In 2012 an attempt was made to produce a Clarissa Starling series for Lifetime, but it wound up going nowhere.

This will also not be the first show based on the characters created by Thomas Harris for his book series. Hannibal ran for three successful seasons on NBC prior to this.

The network is reportedly hot and heavy for the series to make air. Though the show has not yet shot the pilot episode, a writers room has already been put together which is being led by the one and only Alex Kurtzman.

No date has been given for the shows debut, but it will most likely hit the airwaves in fall of 2020.