The Dude Needs An Intervention

I understand that he is was traumatized by the twin tragedies of having his daughter die and then being pulled off of Justice League in favor of male feminist serial sex pest Joss Whedon, but he has to move on.

I also realize that a sizeable group of DC fans, desperate for another glimpse of their daaaaahrk and grrrrrritty Batman, have gassed Snyder up to folk hero status — which it appears the son of a bitch is actually believing in.

He’s Obsessed With a Sliver of His Legacy

This is a director who helmed some good to great films including:

  • 300 (3.5/5)
  • Watchmen (4/5)
  • Man Of Steel (3/5)

Yet, a quick glance at the man’s Vero page reveals that over half of his social media posts are related to this single movie he worked on 3 years ago.

And That’s Just The Last Month!

Meanwhile, he’s only posted one photo from the movie he’s working on right now!

It’s Sad

Make no mistake and let me be clear, The Snyder Cut is a white whale, it’s not real.

It doesn’t matter how many mics poor Zack drops:

To finish his “vision,” he would need tens of millions of dollars worth of visual effects, sound mixing and editing work. He would need a new score. He would need pickups with the actors. He would need…

Fucking Stop It, Snyder Fanbabies!

Stop doing things like making fan posters for it!

Shills, stop writing clickbait stories about it!

YouTubers, stop trying to monetize these desperate people searching for hope in a bleak world where it’s always raining!

Shame on you, Grace!

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