CBS All Access desperately needs something that isn’t a really bad version of Star Trek.  Star Trek Discovery continues to disappoint.  The word on a Picard early screening wasn’t hopeful either.

With Disney+ charging towards it, and still trapped in a Netflix and Prime pincer movement, CBS All Access needs to stop clutching its pearls and do something of note.  I don’t know, maybe a Les Moonves document-drama?

Until then, it only gives us The Stand to look forward to.  CBS All Access announced plans for a ten-episode event series based on Stephen King’s massive novel.  This appeared to be a leftover from the movie attempt that The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone had tried to get off the ground.

Boone and Ben Cavell have written this version.  Boone will also still direct.  Pre-production is now underway at CBS Television Studios but casting news has been light.  Now Collider tells us who is in the running for roles.

Whoopi Goldberg is in negotiations to play Mother Abagail, an old woman and prophet / possible Jesus who leads the nicer survivors of the plague towards their refuge.  She was played by Ruby Dee in the miniseries.

Black Jesus! Blasus!

Westworld’s James Marsden is up for the role of Stu Redman.  He was discovered to be immune to the Captain Trips virus became the Free Zone community leader. Gary Sinise played him in the miniseries.

Amber Heard leaves her fishy Aquaman role, and even fishier divorce, behind her to play school teacher and temptress Nadine Cross. Laura San Giacomo played her in the miniseries.

Potential nutcase, but still would

Greg Kinnear is a possibility for professor Glen Bateman. Ray Walston played him in the miniseries.

Odessa Young (Assassination Nation) is in negotiations to play love interest Frannie Goldsmith.  Molly Ringwald played her in the miniseries.

Finally, Z-A-G-A spells Moon.  Henry Zaga (The New Mutants) is looking set to play hearing impaired Nick Andros.  Rob Lowe played him in the miniseries.

Boone, Cavell, Roy Lee, Jimmy Miller, and Richard P. Rubinstein will executive produce.  The plot of the book, so massive for a story in which so little actually happens, can be summed up as – Sickness, walking, walking, talking, talking, BOMB, talking, talking, walking, walking, talking, God, BIGGER BOMB, end.