Hello, Peeps

Looking for something to do after all the turkey and Black Friday shopping this weekend?

Well, get your pitchforks and torches ready, because this Monday our friends at the official Star Wars Instagram account will be hosting a live Q&A session for fans.

Things like this are pretty well controlled and everything is set up and planned ahead of time, so actually getting a real question answered is pretty much impossible.

But then again, you never know and there may be a disgruntled employee at the controls who will be willing to let one of your questions get through, such as…

”Is Kathleen Kennedy as dreamy in real life as she is in interviews?”

”Is Anthony Daniels as big a prick as everyone says he is?”

”Was the formula to destroy Star Wars included with Lucas when he sold the franchise or was that something Disney came up with on its own?”

An official start time has yet to be announced.

What burning question do you need to be answered?