According to an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter, Thor: Ragnarok director and Akira developer Taika Waititi has inked a deal to helm the fourth Thor film, which will explore the Asgardian’s journey from craft beer-swilling, gamer god to responsible Avenger that maybe could take a gauntlet-less Thanos on his own.

No more Forte Night, only Arm Day now

A lot of people had problems with the way Thor was shelved and used as comic relief in Avengers: Endgame but most people thoroughly enjoyed Taika irreverent take on a Kirbyesque cosmic God of Thunder in the third Thor movie.

Thor: Ragnarok grossed $854 million worldwide on a budget of $180 million. That certainly is a massive return but doesn’t come close to Captain Marvel‘s $1.12 billion, which seems rather odd considering how much more charm, humor, personality and all-around weirdness showed up in Taika’s movie.

Maybe Disney did actually buy $500 million worth of Captain Marvel tickets because I don’t know anyone who saw the movie. Just a rumor that’s going around, but it seems like something the Mouse would do to protect the brand. 

Everything you believe is a lie

Akira Is Never Going To Explode

As of press time, there were no plot points, hints or previews concerning Taika Waititi latest MCU effort but one thing is abundantly clear — by stealing Waititi away from his Akika production, Kevin Fiege has once again fucked Warner Bros.

The live-action Akira adaptation, which recently cast a net for Asian and Japanese leads, was to be released on April 21, 2021, but now looks to be on hold indefinitely. 

I, for one, am quite happy to see Akira put back into development hell: it’s up there with Robotech as a property that I don’t want to see get Hollywooded.

Waititi seems to be a fine director with small, personal films but jumping from a Marvel Studios production, where decisions and day-to-day operations are made and controlled by The Machine The Process, to the wide-open, often arbitrary, mine-field of Warner Bros. is something else entirely. 

I would like a director to do a couple of big movies — including at least one non-Disney event film— before they tackle one of my favorite unrealized IPs.

You’ve been Warned, Brothers!

But Twitter Might Explode

Speaking of small, personal films that no one really sees, Waititi next film is Jojo Rabbit, a Nazi-era satire starring Scarlett Johansson and Waititi himself, who portrays a boy’s imaginary version of Adolf Hitler. The official summary sounds a little more trad:

A young boy in Hitler’s army finds out his mother is hiding a Jewish girl in their home.

But still… Nazi satire. Scar Jo. Hitler. Literal imaginary Hitler. Wew.

Who gets to punch who here? 👌

Let’s hope Waititi draws inspiration this movie and brings us the masculine and battle-hardened Teutonic Thor we deserve and not the chucklehead, comic-relief deity that the male feminists need right now.

Remember, the first Thor script to be commissioned by Marvel Studios was set entirely in 7th-century Scandinavia.