Based on the success of the very, very limited run of The Irishman, Netflix has pushed the Martin Scorsese film into more theaters across North America.

My small college town is playing it at two independent theaters. All Alamo Drafthouses have the movie and I’m pretty sure if your city has an independent theater chain then The Irishman is probably playing near you.

Check for theater availability and showtimes on the movie official website.

Now… Is It Worth It?

We’ve seen the reviews. We know it’s going to be good.

But is it worth three and a half hours in a movie theater? With no pause button?

I vote for “Yes.”

Even one segment from this weekend’s box office champ, Ford v Ferarri, was worth paying ten dollars, so I’m going to go check The Irishman out, at least for an hour or two.

If it’s as good as advertised, I’ll stay or watch it later at home. Choices!

Go see movies in the theater. Go see real movies in the theater.

Now more than ever.