Greetings Starfighter

Holy Moly!  Is this it?  Is it finally going to happen?  35 years after the original blazed a CGI trail into our collective childhood conscience are we about to be recruited, again, by the Star League to defend the frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada?  

Is The Last Starfighter 2 coming?

For years this was stuck in development hell with rumours swirling that a single rights holder was refusing to budge and derailing the whole show.  Then suddenly, last year, writer Gary Whitta hit up Twitter.  

He co-developed the story for Rogue One, and revealed on the social media channel that he was working as writer and producer on a sequel 35 years in the making.

Whitta and Jonathan Betuel, the writer and creator of The Last Starfighter, have been working on a follow-up to the sci-fi classic from our youth.

Return To Rylos

Last year Whitta shared some concept art.  This had been created by Rogue One‘s Matt Allsopp to help visualise the potential movie.  This glimpse of Gunstar’s and Rylos space docks made the internet all excited.

Concept art for the new Last Starfighter
Concept art for the new Last Starfighter

The film’s ending was clearly set up for a sequel. Xur escaping, the Frontier needing rebuilding and Alex deciding to take Maggie back to Rylos to with him to lead the reinstatement of the Starfighter legions.  Potentially Alex’s younger brother Louis beginning his own training.

Then things went quiet for the best part of a year.  Was it happening?  Or will we be disappointed again?  

Whitta has cleared up any confusion by confirming a sequel is under development. Also if you click on the twitter link, you’ll get to see heaps more concept art.