Not Unless Warner Bros Is Suicidal

We’re living in a post-feminist-action-movie world. 

Not only have the last four or five feminist action movies bombed or flopped at the box office, but #RealityCanceled is a global crisis that triggers the most primitive instincts and behaviors in human beings.

Gender roles will be reverting to their normal state. Yes, I said “normal.”

Unfortunately not this normal, you paranoid feminist psychos

Men will protect and fight, women will support and organize.

So, if Hollywood was having trouble trying to scale the Feminist Action Movie Box Office mountain before this, they have now been chopped off at the knees.

I realize Variety is reporting that director George Miller is interviewing actresses for the role of Furiosa via Skype, including the scrumptious Anya Taylor-Joy.

I would mate with an alien…

I’ve also heard Miller claim to have planned to shoot a Furiosa prequel at the same time that he was shooting Mad Max: Fury Road.

Still though, feminist action movies are dead. I have spoken.

But, wait… what if Warner Bros can read the box office receipts and decides to just make it another team-up movie with a Mad Max-type guy and Furiosa? 

You know, to get that the premium male action audience in there.

It Doesn’t Matter

First, Fury Road didn’t make any money. Filmed on location with 90% practical effects, the movie costs between $150 and $185 million to produce, depending on which source you believe. It took in $374 million at the box office.

At $150 million, Fury Road is a flop. At $185 it’s a fucking bomb that might have lost the studio upwards of $50 million dollars.

Post-apocalyptic drifter movies just aren’t the same as capeshit.

Second, George Miller is notoriously difficult to work with. You don’t go from Mad Max to Happy Feet 2 based on having your choice of material.

Finally, the director is embroiled in a vicious lawsuit with Warner Bros over unpaid fees; to wit, $7 million he was promised if he kept Fury Road‘s budget under $157 million.

Yet, we’re supposed to believe that Warner Bros is going to gamble on this guy?