Stuber Says “Hold My Beer”

It seems pretty clear that Escape Plan star David Bautista is not a fan of the mega-successful Fast & Furious franchise.

Similar to Vin Diesel, Bautista, has yet to win any Academy Awards, but he sure talks like his basement is full of them. When someone suggested he join the Fast & Furious fambly, he let everyone know that the franchise was way below someone with his acting pedigree.

He tweeted:

Big Bautista has always been candidly outspoken, but considering how popular and beloved the Fast & Furious franchise is, he might have angered some folks.

Realising his faux pas, the classically-trained actor quickly tweeted:

The Escape Plan 3 star Bautista’s next big role is in the action-comedy Stuber, which he stars in alongside his MCU colleague Karen Gillan, as well as Kumail Nanjiani.

Party boys

The Fast & Furious series will be ending with ten films, but there’s no telling how many spin-offs might go into development, especially since John Cena wants to make a spin-off with Dwayne Johnson.

Regardless of what the future holds for the Fast & Furious franchise, Bautista clearly doesn’t want to be involved. Escape Plan 4 however, that’s a different kettle of tuna altogether!