Now That Guy is Showing Us Something!

The sequel to the F-14 fighter jet classic TOP GUN starring Tom Cruise as Maverick!

Check out the trailer below:

Two things about this right off the bat:

Clearly, we are getting a strong 1980’s retro vibe here, from the tanned chests and football on the beach, all the way to the fights being broken up between over testosteroned up pilots.

Clearly, the fighter jet is a symbol of American might.

I Want to Fly an F/A 18 Super Hornet

Watching the trailer, it’s clear that this film will have plenty of Tom Cruise schooling the new class of the multi-cultural youth—I believe they are called “Gen-Z” now—in the finer points of flying a high-performance vehicle.

Stare into the sky, Maverick.

The other thing that rings out from watching this is that Cruise is finally beginning the turn to the more dramatic roles that other folks have critiqued him for not taking on.

The trailer reads with a more contemplative vibe than the first trailer, which was all about Maverick being a put out to pasture “dinosaur.”

Will This Have Legs At the Box Office, Though?


Hasn’t lost a step. Oh. And Jennifer Connelly.

Opening in mid-June, and starring Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, and Glen Powell, plus a returning Val Kilmer, and starring Miles Teller as the son of Maverick’s late navigator Goose, this will probably do well with the retro 80’s crowd and the audience who went to Ford v Ferarri.

Top Gun: Maverick drops in theaters on June 20, 2020.