Always Two, There Are

Do you see what we did there?  Two-Face, in the headline of the Batman story? 

[ It really kills a pun when you have to explain it, just get in with it! — EIC Skankhunter ]

The internet went a little crazy overnight as the new Batman was apparently locked.  

Then it turned out some of these webmasters hadn’t actually read the article and the actor in question was just the preferred choice.  Then finally it emerged that, just like with the Skywalkers, there is another!

So what is the actual situation?

Matt Reeves upcoming reboot and relaunch after Battfleck and the stillborn Justice League has been delayed several times, with Warner Bros. seemingly happy to wait to ensure some kind of quality.  A new approach from the studio that has otherwise demonstrated a reverse Midas touch when it comes to superheroes.

Variety published a piece that the front-runner is Twilight and Harry Potter star Robert Pattinson.

Cue the kind of over-excited and under-developed websites that we used to frequent breathlessly announcing the casting as a done deal.

But Wait!

Then Deadline confirmed that he is only the front runner and announced his biggest competition.  Tolkien, X-Men and Mad Max Fury Road star Nicholas Hoult.  Jennifer Lawrence dater, and now potentially Batman?  A long way from a strange hat in About A Boy!

So the Brits Are Go…  Again!  A Brit as Superman in Henry Cavill, a Brit as an ex-Bat in Bale and now it seems they are looking across the Pond once more for the man to inhabit the cape.  The strong school drama departments, stage school networks, university footlights societies and enforced Shakespeare from youth appear to continue to challenge the Mickey Mouse Club as a viable talent production line.

Both over six-foot and versatile.   Both would no doubt be provided with a Hollywood dietician and personal trainer.

We have heard worse suggestions for the role!  What do you Goblins think?  How about this? Kill off the DCU in its current form, cast Pattinson as Batman and Hoult as Superman and give it time to grow and breathe.