A few days ago it was reported that Star Trek: The Motion Picture would be appearing in AMC theaters around the United States in a joint venture between AMC and Fathom Events.

This re-release was to coordinate with the 40th anniversary of the film debut in 1979.

Unfortunately, it looks like this may have been another case of “our sources claim”.

If one takes a look at the AMC web page for Star Trek: The Motion Picture you do see a date of September 15th, 2019 but no ability to purchase tickets.

On the Fathom Events web site there is no information on the film at all. A search reveals only previous Star Trek events. They are actively promoting events around the September 15th date, but no Star Trek movie:

Regal Cinemas Has The Event 

However, I went to my local Regal Cinemas and I can definitely buy tickets there for an “Upcoming Fathom Event” for Star Trek TMP on September 15th, 2019:

So, I don’t know what the hell is going on. 

Maybe Regal is jumping the gun here or maybe Fathom is negligent in updating their site.

In any case, if you are planning to make a night of it, I would hold off on ordering that custom gothic cuisses and codpiece for your Klingon suit just yet.

We will keep you updated. 

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